I’ve been fortunate to work with clients from around the world, including these lovely folks who graciously let me quote their kind words…

Simplicity is sort of a hallmark of Carrie's work. Her designs caught my eyes instantly. I fancy everything simple and therefore Carrie's design really epitomize my style.
If you are like me and have tons of trouble getting your blog to look like you want it too then I would definitely recommend Carrie and her designs whether they be fully customized to you or one of the pre-made templates with some of the add-one features. On Carrie's Etsy shop there are 35 pre-made templates! All are completely different and have different aspects and details, but as soon as I found 'the one' as so to speak I knew I had to have it.
Carrie has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Before I found Carrie's site, I was really confused about what to do with my blog. There were so many things that I wanted to add and I really wanted to improve the look of my blog, but I had no clue how to do it. I tried to figure out a few things myself but with two kids under five, I just didn't have enough time. When I first contacted Carrie, she was wonderful. She patiently answered all of my questions and effectively laid out a plan for my blog that was exactly what I wanted. She was so efficient and seemed to immediately know the direction I wanted to go. Her prices are so reasonable and in my opinion, she is a blog designing angel! Now whenever I look at my blog, I smile - it makes me so happy. Also, I love the fact that I didn't have to use a big company. It was all very personal and so professional too! I highly recommend Carrie - she is great!
Carrie is an absolute dream to work with. Not only is she a blogger genius, but she is so sweet! She completely captured the vision I wanted for my blog and continues to help me with the little odds and ends I stumble upon. When my blog needs a revamp, Carrie will be my go to girl. She is patient, super tech savvy, and extremely creative...she does not disappoint!
I hired Carrie to help me design my blog sealaura. She was very professional yet personable. What I like the most about Carrie is that she is a good listener and really strives to please. There were certain elements that were important to my design requests and Carrie was very good about implementing my view with her creative talents. I highly recommend Carrie's work and look forward to doing more business with her in the future.
I purchased one of your Blogger's Template — Primrose, and love it! Your instructions were simple and helpful. Not to mention very easy to change things up! Just wanted to let you know that I have been admiring it for quite some time, before actually deciding to get it. It's perfect for my review blog — simple yet professional! Thank you!
I found Carrie through Pinterest. I loved the social buttons she did – I have them on both of my sites! When it came time to find someone to help me create a memorable and perfect-for-me logo, she was the first person I thought of. Her questionnaire was extremely thorough, and it put me at ease. I always hate the back and forth with designers, and I love that she gathered so much info right up front. Her design was EXACTLY what I wanted!
I was so pleased with Carrie's professionalism, creativity, and accessibility that I've sent a couple other people her way. I have no doubt that they will be as happy with her work as I was.
Carrie, the pleasure was all mine, you are amazing, and so talented! I appreciate how you were so sweet (even with all my questions, and me not making up my mind, haha) I seriously can not thank you enough. Your amazing! Thank you for all you hard work into making my site so pretty! I always smile when I see it!
As a technophobe, I was at a complete loss as to how to improve by blog, until I stumbled across Carrie Loves Design Studio. Not only has she created a beautiful website design that I am immensely proud of, but has provided brilliant support and guidance even after her work was done. I literally cannot thank her enough for help and feel so lucky to have found such an amazing, patient, technical genius!
Carrie designed my website, and I'm so happy she did because she gave it a unique look and feel. It functions beautifully. She was unbelievably patient with my requests and questions, and attended to every detail quickly, with a positive, no-problem attitude. I couldn't be more pleased.
Carrie is a very good listener, and willing to experiment to get the results I want. She has never disappointed me with any project. Her work is consistent and well priced.
I HIGHLY recommend Carrie Loves Design if you want a blog design that is unique, affordable, and from a real person who can answer questions and help you out. Her work is beautiful and her add-on's really enhance a blog's uniqueness.
I love my blog template! It's fresh and clean – it's my favorite template! Carrie is a peach to work with – very flexible and easy to ask questions of. This was a great experience – I would purchase another template from Carrie in a heartbeat!
Carrie was so awesome to work with. Before I bought the template she answered all my questions very promptly. When I bought the template she installed it on my blog within the hour. It has made such a difference to my blog and the price was really affordable for me. After looking over the other templates in Etsy I really thought Carrie's stood out from the rest. I will be purchasing from her again if I ever decide to do a custom blog layout!
I hired Carrie for some design work on a blog and she was fantastic. She walked me through all the steps necessary, was a prompt and clear communicator, and delivered an end result that still pleases me. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her to anybody looking for her type of design work!
I was referred to Carrie by a friend who raved about her talents and kindness. When I saw her portfolio I just knew I had to have her design my logo! Carrie was so easy and delightful to work with. The process was quick, creative, fun and seamless. Carrie designed a simple, yet fun and vibrant logo that perfectly represents my personality and brand. It's like she crawled inside my brain, saw my vision and nailed it! I would definitely work with Carrie again and recommend anyone looking for design work to reach out to her - I promise you won't be disappointed.
Working with Carrie on my blog redesign has been an absolutely amazing experience! She took my blog from blah to beautiful…and way beyond my expectations of what it could be! The two best things about working with Carrie (and there are a lot!!) are how quickly she got everything done and the top-notch level of service she gives. I had initially hired someone else to redesign my blog (big mistake) and after a month, still nothing was done. With Carrie, it took less than a week to have it completed and looking absolutely wonderful!! Regarding her level of service…well, I can’t say enough about it. Her responsiveness (both in timing and helpfulness) was outstanding. Having just begun blogging, I was quite confused about a lot of things. Not only did Carrie answer my multitude of questions with patience, but she went above and beyond in her responses – pointing out different things and making suggestions that had never even occurred to me. Whenever I requested a change, Carrie got it done right away! After the bad experience I had with the first person I hired, I was on the verge of deciding not to even move forward with my blog. Now, thanks to Carrie’s awesomeness, I am excited once again and love my blog more than I ever thought I could! Don’t waste your time or money working with anyone else…Carrie is the best!!!
I had searched high and low to find a good designer to help me with with my branding, my website, my shop blog and my online shop. When I saw Carrie's work, I connected with it immediately. She not only knows her stuff, but she has a great eye and is very talented. She took the time I needed and she also really listened to my ideas and never once made me feel bad if I wanted a tweak here or there. She is patient and a kind person, which made working with her especially nice. I cannot recommend Carrie enough, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
To say that I am impressed with Carrie is a grand understatement. Not only did her Blog Design Template exceed my expectations (by a mile!) in terms of functionality and quality, but she also went over and above all that was included in my package to help me. And she continues to do so! She is patient, kind, incredibly creative, and quite honestly... The best Etsy purchase I have ever made! I was once very afraid of blogging - on account of my zero experience with HTML - but thanks to Carrie's beautiful, easy-to-use templates, I have fallen in love with writing online! I also receive endless compliments on the appearance of my little corner of the web. She is a blogging wizard, seriously.
I found a blog design, through Carrie Loves Design Studio, that was beautiful & "light" and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Within a few short hours she responded to all my requests and had everything set up for me. The blog looks wonderful. I couldn’t be happier!